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स्व प्रेरित शिक्षक समूह

Our Profile

In the Classroom
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Our Vision

To make every child educated and ensure his/her overall development.

Our Mission

To provide a platform to children for their education and to their teachers to help them do so. 

Our Goal

To make every child gain his/her learning outcomes according to their class and help them achieve their dreams. 

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Our Founder

Our founder Mrs. Madhurima Srivastava is an assistant teacher in UPS Sheetal Purva, BKT, Lucknow. She has always tried her best to give children quality education and to help them achieve their career goals and fulfill their dreams. Throughout her service till now she has been dedicated for her children. But she was limited to her school and some other schools in Lucknow. Then she dreamed to help children outside her hometown and give them a platform for quality education. So, she started this non-profit organization of self motivated teachers through which all of them including her can help children get their life goals. 

What do we do?

Teaching Material

Online Quiz

Awards for students

Awards for teachers

Career counselling


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